What are we doing?

We go and take on site all the necessary measurements to make electronic plans or layouts of the property.  We deliver the layouts to real estate agencies or property owners, as pdf or jpg files, which are easy to use both on internet and on printed advertisements.

Why are we doing it?

A layout of the rooms gives the potential buyer or renter an excellent overview of that particular property.  Where are the restrooms? Are the bedrooms close to each other? Where is the balcony and what shape?  Is the kitchen next to the living room? Which rooms are facing the sun?

There are only two ways of knowing these important factors: one is to go and see the place, which is a waste of time and money if the layout is not suitable. Or take a look at a plan of the rooms and know it all in an instant.

We are convinced that real estate agencies and property owners do a favor to their clients by providing a layout of the property, thus saving the time of their clients and giving them vital beforehand information.

Also it is in the interest of the agencies to receive more attention to their advertisements, and stand out by having something others don't. Not to mention saving the time and effort of their own - no need to go and show a place to a client, if it does not correspond to the needs of the client from the beginning.

Where are we doing it?

We offer our services in the following popular areas of Costa del Sol: Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmaden, Torremolinos and Malaga.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.